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Entertaining & Relatable

This podcast feels like talking to a girlfriend and learning about their life from all angles. Very well done for a newer podcast

Five stars, best friends

I found you on TikTok during the pandemic and was hooked. Just found your podcast today, and binged all 16 episodes!!


Thanks for sharing your stories and insight on mental health. Keep up the fantastic work.

Bertha’s Bunch

I am SO happy you started a podcast! You are hilarious. After watching all of your Tik Toks. I showed one to my husband to tell him how lucky we are to have good neighbors. He made me go back to your first video and watched them all! His favorite was Stranger Things, mine is Buffalo Bill! Keep up the laughter! Your fans love you! #gloryhole #neighborproblems #neighborwar #thatsmygloryhole

Glory Hole Girl

I love what you’re doing here Sam! I love that you are so open, honest and real. I suffer from GAD too. Sleepless nights, a brain that won’t shut off, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I’m an over thinker and a worrier. My family doesn’t always get it, they tell me to just stop worrying, get more rest and calm down. Boy, I wish it were that easy! Thanks for shedding light on this subject and keep up the good work!

Love love love

I love your podcast, I really feel all the emotion in your voice it’s very moving I love your Tik Tok videos as well

Love this!

I’m 3 episodes you’ve already made me laugh and cry both out loud and in public. Thank you for the honesty and interesting peek into your life.


I absolutely love your podcast. I love that it’s just real, and raw truth. Real life. ❤️

So excited!

I’m so glad you decided to start a podcast! I could listen to you talk about anything and I’m so excited to be getting to know you! Thank you for sharing your life to help others feel seen and supported! I love you! I’m InstntMashdTaters on TT.


I found you on TT and immediately related! I love the podcast and I can’t wait to hear more!!! Keep killin it momma! ✨ love, a fellow Samantha 💗

Great Podcast for Moms!!!

Loving your podcast so far! Very relatable and really draws me in! I’m a fan! ~ Dooterbug from TIkTok (Brandy)

Love this podcast!!!!

Sam…you are awesome! Your willingness to share an almost mirror image of my life is so inspiring! Support from Wadsworth!!! (Need more info about your plays!)

Love this

I love that you have a podcast! I listened to both episodes and I appreciate you sharing your stories. Can’t wait to hear more!

Love love love this podcast!!

So far I’ve really only listened to true crime podcast and didn’t know if I’d like one like this but I’m loving Sam and her family on tiktok so I knew I’d love this. Good luck and keep them coming!

Love your podcast!!

You are amazing!! I cannot wait to hear more! You are one of my favorites on Tiktok ❤️❤️❤️

I absolutely adore you and your energy

I can’t wait for more !

Go Sam

I can’t wait to listen!!!


Super stoked for more to come!!! Great intro!!

Entertaining and engaging!

I simply love hearing this podcast. She tells stories so well on TikTok and I’m eagerly awaiting all new episodes here. The teaser and episode 1 really grabbed my interest and I’ll be glad to add it to my subscriptions and regular listening.

Sam is heartwarming, funny, relatable, & an over the top feel good character

She is not only an incredible story teller, but she has a sense of humor to behold, a heart of gold, stories for days, and the woman has been through it all and lived to tell the tale. I am a much newer mom than she is and look up to her in so many ways. I am so glad she decided to make a podcast. From one of her biggest fans and part time creative collaborators here in GA, I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Love her

I can’t wait to listen to the Podcast.. I love her on Tictok… she’s real and hilarious!

The best

Anyone that follows the tiktok knows, she is the *best* storyteller! Everything is super relatable to me as a human… except Bertha, because we have zero issues with our neighbors 🤣 Can’t wait for the episodes to start rolling in!